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Exchange анти-спам. Миф развеян. - Myth 2: You need the CFA to move items to junk mail folder.


Myth 2: You need the CFA to move items to junk mail folder.

Unlike SCLDeleteThreshold and SCLRjectThreshold, SCLJunkThreshold is a store setting. It is a combination of a hidden rule in the client's inbox when junk mail is enabled and the value of the SCLJunkThreshold attribute on the OrganizationConfig and/or mailbox object within Active Directory that determines and moves the message to the junk mail folder when over the junk threshold.

The only role the CFA plays here is stamping an SCL rating on the message which store then acts on. However, you can set the SCL rating through an Edge or Hub transport rule as well to get the same result.

Speaking of SCLJunkThreshold, this can be set in two locations: on the mailbox object via set-mailbox or on the OrganizationConfig object with Set-OrganizationConfig. I bring this up because it leads me to Myth 2b.

Myth 2b: Setting the SCLJunkThreshold on the OrganizationConfig object from an Edge server will affect junk mail actions.

Setting this will actually do nothing. Since the edge server by definition is not part of an exchange org, and since this setting is only utilized by the hidden inbox rule, changing this value will not do anything.

While we are on junk mail thresholds I really have to pause (no, really) for a misconception that is so big that it probably deserves its own separate blog post, but since I have got your attention, I will just give it a myth number instead. Without further ado, here is Myth 3.


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